Blak • nif • i • cent
/black ' nifesent/

Black or darkly colored representations of what is magnificent, grand, splendid, or impressively beautiful.
Blacknificent Life
Living while fully aware of, and consciously manifesting the beauty, power, and genius of Black people.
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About Our Company

The Blacknificent Life! Education and digital media complex offers instructional support for increasing self-regard and fulfillment among people who identify as Black.

With self-love firmly rooted in knowledge of Black triumph, we teach personal and organizational growth skills to youth and adults, to support higher achievement in all arenas of life.

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The Blacknificent Life! Education and Digital Media Complex is a valued partner to the National Capital Area CARES Mentoring Circle in training our mentors. Dr. Mwangaza Michael-Bandele is a pourer, as she feeds the community only the very best . . . intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally, leaving hearts and minds full of purpose and hope. She exudes boundless energy . . . amplifying voices that might otherwise go unheard.
Roxanna Bilal
Client Testimonial
We are living in a time when youth are disengaged and disenfranchised, struggling to find a sense of self. Dr. Bandele unequivocally charges the students to dig a little deeper helping them to discover the best of themselves. It is amazing what she is able to do . . . breaking ground by starting first with self-discovery and identity.
Tierra Stewart
Client Testimonial
Dr. M guided participants in the Parent to Parent Partner Program—fighting drug wars and crime—to regained resilience. She exuded a strength, energy, and know-how needed by people from all walks of life. Her workshops unleashed skill and ability . . . introducing participants to a strength they did not know they had.
Dr. J. Perkins
Client Testimonial

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