13 Year-old Making and Donating COVID-19 Protective Masks

When Charles Randolph’s parents enrolled him in enrichment classes that included learning how to use a 3-D printer, they had no idea he would become a great example of how young people can make a big difference during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using skills learned, Charles has designed and produced protective face masks that he gives away. His motivation came from wanting to help his great uncle who has asthma and other underlining health conditions that make him more likely to be affected by the Coronavirus.
As we acknowledge Charles for his outstanding efforts, let us also recognize his parents for giving him access to education that enabled his contribution. What skill-building class could you enroll a young person in today to further their inventive creativity? What young mind and life could you impact? Click below to read more, and also view a video about a young man we can proudly call Charles Randolph, The Exemplar!

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