7 Black-Owned Games To Ease Cabin Fever & Spark Family Fun

Black folks taking time to play games together, laugh with each other, and genuinely enjoy each others company is important at anytime. Doing so strengthens human bonds. And if we understand the unifying principle behind the simple adage “The family that plays together, stays together,” we recognize the value of each black-owned game this article showcases.

This unique bundle of 7 games offer variety. For instance, the Black Wall Street board game helps players gain financial literacy. The Brilliant or BS? party game for know-it-alls comes with 85 trivia questions, and Trap Wars® uses a virtual format that lets players support Black businesses.These games and others can certainly make stay-at-home pandemic compliance a little easier.

To learn more about these sources of family fun, free from electronic devices, click here—and let the games begin!

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