Author of “Our Black Year” Chronicles Behavior Essential to Economic Empowerment

The George Floyd murder has been a catalyst that inspired national and international protests, and heightened public discourse about strategies for stopping Black deaths at the hands of the police. As we think about causes and remedies for ending racial terrorism, let us consider the many ways that equity and social justice are tied to economic empowerment. With strengthening the financial condition of Black communities in mind, Maggie and John Anderson committed their family to buying only from Black businesses for one full year. Their dedication to economic empowerment was documented and published as a book entitled “Our Black Year.” It is a testament to Black self-regard that can be used to guide daily actions for producing economic power. It is a reminder of Black folks’ ability to solve their own problems—economic and otherwise.
While originally published in 2012, it reveals a timely strategy for building a power base now. By creating spending habits that build strong Black businesses, an essential–yet less frequently articulated–strategy for eliminating racial terrorism is activated. Click here to access author Maggie Anderson’s website where you can learn more about the “Our Black Year” journey. You will find great resources that support activating Black economic strength, an integral component of social justice.

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