Black and Mobile Delivery Service For Black Owned Restaurants

Never mind that his dad was incarcerated, he struggled through school, and his behaviors often left his grandmother worried and broken-hearted. David Cabello did not succumb to the social and economic life-traps that abound. He did not give up on himself. He looked for, found, and then activated his own power to build the business and life he really wanted.
After driving a few months for a delivery service and learning the ins and outs of that work, Cabello decided he could own a delivery service. That is how “Black and Mobile” was born, August, 2019. Now, in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, when food delivery services are critical, Cabello’s Philadelphia and Detroit based businesses are taking off. An important added value of “Black and Mobile” is that it services Black-owned restaurants. When you visit their website you can choose delivery from an assortment of Black-owned eateries. With one click you can support two Black-owned businesses. To read the full story about “Black and Mobile” becoming a shining example of achievement despite odds, click below. And if you live in Philadelphia or Detroit, click here to place an order.

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