Black History Subscription Boxes for Children

Because Of Them We Can (BOTWC) took the internet by storm several years ago when Eunique Jones Gibson posted pictures of children dressed up as Black history heroes, sheroes, and contemporary icons. Children adorned as great Black achievers radiated a beauty and joy that attracted many admirers. As more and more photos were requested, the demand compelled Jones Gibson to offer a children’s Black history learning kit that included dress-up props. The BOTWC learning box encourages youth to have big fun while encountering their own great history. It comes complete with educational information for parents wanting to support their child’s process of learning about Black achievers while dressing the part.
The subscription service includes costumes, toys, books, posters and more.  The poet Langston Hughes, aviator Bessie Colman, and astronaut Mae Jemison are three of the many featured heroes. Additionally, each box arrives with a reminder of the BOTWC pledge: “I will honor the sacrifices of my ancestors. I will believe in me. I will pursue my dreams. I will help others along the way.” Click here to learn how you might add a monthly dose of fun, knowledge, and esteem to the life of a child.

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