Black Scientist Creates Ingenious Self-Growing Farming System

Veteran scientist and innovator Darral Addison, owner of Torpedopots, has designed and produced a patented line of self-growing planters that actually grow more, using less. With degrees in chemistry and physics, Addison developed a minimalist approach to gardening that yields greater volume. His one-of-a-kind product could play a significant role in mitigating food scarcity and the impact of land shortage. Perhaps the best news of all for urban dwellers and others with limited access to land, Torpedopots are well suited for creating indoor gardens that can produce fresh vegetables year-round, using very little space. This technology could bring an oasis of fresh-foods to food deserts common to many Black communities.
To learn more about Torpedopots, click here to read further and watch a video interview with the inventor and CEO.

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