Brilliant Kenyan Engineer Recycles Plastic, Creates Bricks Stronger Than Concrete

It was watching the debilitating impact of plastic pollution in Kenya that inspired Nzambi Matee to look for remedy. As the materials engineer considered ways that plastic might be recycled, she began experimenting and eventually produced a construction material now used to manufacture bricks. These bricks really should be called “super bricks.” Not only do they make use of plastic waste that litters streets and contaminates water ways, the bricks have tested 5 to 7 times stronger than concrete. Let that amazing fact sink in.

Recognizing the extraordinary implications of Matee’s technology for reducing global pollution, she was honored as a 2020 winner of the Young Champions of the Earth by the United Nations. To learn more about the enterprising work of a creative African engineer, lending her talents to create a better Africa and world, click here. Embeded in the article you’ll find a video introduction to Matee and the work of her construction materials company.

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