Brilliant Young Brother, Investment Entrepreneur Donates $100K To HBCUs

Meet 24-year-old Bryce Thompson, a graduate of Morehouse college, whose uncle helped pay his tuition when financial support was most needed. Recognizing the life-changing value of his uncle’s generosity, Thompson decided he could and must do the same to help other Black students. That’s why he recently donated $100,000 to ten HBCUs he personally visited to present each check. 

Thompson is financially able to give because of his entrepreneurial success as an investor. He is the founder of “TradeHouse Investment Group,” a company that teaches people how to properly invest in the foreign exchange market. In addition to being a successful investor, Thompson is a living breathing representation of who young Black men are. He embodies the kind of talent and drive stirring in the hearts of many others. He is an exemplar of how Black men and women—focused and inspired—can and do achieve beyond measure. 

Click here to learn more about the young Brother we want every Black man and woman to know about. Spread the good word. Be inspired to take action.

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