Celebrate David Hamilton Jackson Day Nov 1st, St. Croix’s National Hero

In 1848, when African resistance to enslavement in St. Croix, Virgin Island became unstoppable, slavery was abolished. Like the struggle for equality Black people in the United States began after emancipation, Black citizens of St. Croix initiated relentless campaigns to gain fair social, economic, and political rights. In both locations courageous leaders emerged to lead their respective fights. One of St. Croix’s ardent and highly celebrated leader was David Hamilton Jackson.

A charismatic and determined leader, Jackson devoted his life to making varied demands that the Danish government provide better living and working conditions for Black people. The bold activist who became a union leader, politician, publisher, and more was known as the “Black Moses” of St. Croix.

Dismissed from several positions because of his criticism against Danish authorities, Jackson eventually found his way to the United States where he studied law at Howard University. While in the U. S. Jackson undoubtedly learned first-hand how Black people in different locations in the world are indeed  linked by their shared fight for racial equality.

To learn more about the dedicated leadership of David Hamilton Jackson, and why November 1st is a national holiday to honor his work and memory, click here.

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