Company Formulates Nutritional Supplements with Black People in Mind

Recognizing that nutritional supplements are formulated to meet general needs, and may not consider health patterns common among Black people, 2 doctors and an engineer teamed up to produce supplements with Black folks in mind. Dr. Amsu Anpu, Dr. Amun Neb, and Michael Lartey are the founders of the Electric pHood herbal supplement company.Their products are designed to support a myriad of health issues—like fibroids and high blood pressure—that disproportionately affect higher numbers of Black people.The owners say their Electric pHood formulas represent years of “sincere research from Black doctors who are especially concerned about the well being of Black people.”

The global dietary supplement market is valued at more than $85 billion. With that hefty reality in mind, Electric pHood has carved out an industry niche that could well serve Black people and their pockets. To learn more about the 3 brothers who chose to build a business that honors Black bodies, click here.

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