Corporate Powerhouse Ursula Burns Offers Sage Advice For Using Shelter-in-Place Time

Ursula Burns, the former Xerox CEO who guided the company from imminent failure to recovered success, has lots of experience navigating challenges. To help move people though difficulties imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, she offers compelling advice for how to spend sheltering-in-place time; become a better steward of your body and mind. Burns further encourages people to “look for the remedy in the reset.” Both suggestions affirm the power of activating self-accountability. She reminds us that while the pandemic will cause “resets” in varied areas of life, whether the reset improves or diminishes your life is mostly up to you. “We can sit back and let people do it for us or be actively engaged . . .” To help navigate the day-to-day challenges new norms can present, this advice is shared as encouragement for visioning the tomorrow you really want. Click here for tips on making the most out of trying times

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