Determined 12-year-old Island Boy Swims From Saint Lucia to Martinique

It’s more than 50 miles between the Caribbean Islands St. Lucia and Martinique. Amazingly, 12-year-old Christophe Maleau swam each of them, non-stop. With his father rowing a small boat at his side, and a support crew near-by, Christophe swam more than 12 hours to accomplish a feat completed by few. His incredible venture was part of a cancer awareness campaign he joined to support his mother, a breast cancer survivor.
When the swim became really difficult, and thoughts of quitting flashed through Christophe’s mind, he recalled telling himself “I had no right [to stop]. I had to continue for the cause I was defending.” By singing songs in his head and remembering his commitment to his mother, Christophe maintained the mental fortitude required to clinch victory. Click here to read how a son committed to his mother, with his father at his side, achieved highly.

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