Finally! AfroLand TV, A New Pan-African Movie and TV Streaming Service

As February ushers in heightened public discourse about love, accentuated by valentine hearts and exchanges of chocolates, let’s consider AfroLandTV a resource for cultivating Black self-love. It is a new and FREE (for now!) movie and TV streaming platform designed to “explode African stereotypes often seen on mainstream . . . “
Founded by Zimbabwean actor and entrepreneur Michael Maponga, the Pan-African themed platform features hundreds of movies reported to have undergone a strict vetting process for selecting high-quality content.
Identifying, accessing, and routinely watching movies that portray Black people as purveyors of well-being is an important aspect of cultivating Black self-love.
Click here to learn more about AfroLandTV and how it can help foster the kind of self-adoration that fortifies Black lives.

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