First 17-Year-Old Whose Books Are Mandatory Reading in Schools

The Middle School Chronicles series of books is a smash hit among – you guessed it – middle-school students. But parents and teachers also love it so much that it’s now become required reading in several school districts in some Brooklyn charter schools and in the state of New Jersey. Amazingly, the author began writing her books when she was in middle school. Essynce Moore, now 17 and the author of three books, is not resting on her inspiring laurels. She’s on a mission to make her series required in schools outside of the country as well.
Because the series is a nonfiction first-person account of life at, and surrounding, school, they are instantly relevant and relatable to their target audience. Students can laugh, cringe and cry at the real-life experiences and pressures they face each day and take advice from the most trusted source at that age – a peer. Some teachers assign the book as summer reading for students about to enter middle school, to better prepare them for the new institutional and social terrain they’ll be navigating. Issues such as bullying, friendships and interacting with teachers are addressed through the chronicles of Essynce’s life. Now in high school, that life involves traveling across the country to address schools, educators and parents at speaking events and conferences. Click here to learn more.

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