First Black Varsity Golf Team to Win Georgia State Championship

The Drew Charter School Varsity Boys Golf Team of Atlanta, Georgia’s public school system won their state’s 2019 varsity championship. The win made them not only the first Atlanta team to win statewide, but the first all-Black team as well. They handily defeated the reigning two-time state champs by more than 15 strokes. These young history-makers are taking their win in stride. While proud and confident upon receiving their state championship rings, they remain serious and centered as they move toward the national finals early next year. They will be the only all-Black team in the national competition.
The Drew Charter team members found discipline and hard work in learning to play golf, a sport not readily available in their neighborhoods. Their remarkable achievement demonstrates the ability of Black youth to conquer uncharted territory, when exposed and supported. The not-so-secret ingredient of course, is the mentor-ship of caring adults, in this case, coach Joe Weems and his staff. Together they demonstrate how some public school students from Atlanta are indeed above par!


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