Ghanaian-British Entrepreneur Develops Wireless Earbuds That Translate More Than 30 Languages

A love for innovation inspired Danny Manu to launch his tech company, MyManu, in 2014. After just a few years of product development experience, Manu took the world by storm with the creation of CLIK S wireless earbuds. In addition to delivering a high quality listening experience, the buds can translate more than 30 languages in real-time.

Manu’s journey to innovating and then marketing the unique earbuds was not easy. Unable to secure a business loan, he turned, well—to himself, and relied on his own strategic thinking to figure out how to finance his vision. Supported by crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Manu raised over $500,000.

To learn more about the self-sufficient Ghanaian-British innovator, poised to transform the world of language translation, click here. 

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