Hardworking Virginia Teen Spreads Goodwill to Elderly, Awarded $10,000

Encouraged by his father, Phoenix Brown signed up for a challenge to voluntarily cut the lawns of 50 elderly and less abled neighbors. Doing so apparently touched Brown’s heart as he was then inspired to use the tips received from lawn cutting to buy food for the homeless. For his exceptional acts of kindness, the 13-year-old received notable public recognition that included a $10,000 service award.
Taking note of how giving to others helped her son develop good character, Brown’s mother explained, “This program really has helped him to build confidence . . .  his communication skills, his ability to network; all of those things matter in life.” Ms. Tetteh’s remarks are a reminder that hard work and giving to others can build character and become as much a gift to the giver as it is to the recipient.
Click here to learn more about Phoenix Brown, the teen being forged into a compassionate and responsible Black man by routinely helping others.

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