Inspired to Save Black Lives, ANJEL App Lets Users Activate Own Body Cam

Like other Black folks taking action to safeguard Black people and communities, James A. Samuel has developed an app that can immediately turn your cell phone into a body camera and record the actions of the police or any aggressor. Once activated, the ANJEL Tech app not only begins recording, it sends a livestream of the interaction to designated recipients, along with directions to your location. The app can be discreetly activated without the aggressor knowing a recording is in progress.
Explaining how he was so affected by the recent police killings and assaults on Black people, Samuel stated “Watching George Floyd asphyxiated on that asphalt scared me, awakened me, and motivated me to change the world.” That Samuel is directing his fear, passion, and technological expertise toward keeping people safe is a welcomed contribution to efforts to save Black

To find out more about the ANJEL Tech app, click here.

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