Remembering Frederick Douglass's Epic Speech "What to the American Slave is Your 4th of July?"

As July 4th marks the anniversary of American independence, the value of national sovereignty and self-determination are accentuated. The profound implications of independence were brilliantly delineated in Frederick Douglass’s famous 1852 speech “What to the American Slave is Your 4th of July?”
Formerly enslaved, Douglass became a noted abolitionist, orator, and publisher. As part of a national celebration, he was invited to speak at an event commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence, held at Rochester New York’s Corinthian Hall. In a stunning analysis of undeniable truths, Douglass distinguished contradictions the 4th of July
represented for the enslaved. His speech brilliantly exposed the many hypocrisies a celebration of freedom, in a country dependent on slavery, represented.
Considering the current climate of protests for racial equity and justice, this classic speech serves as an important source of reflection and study. Both Douglass’ s life and this illustrious oration are magnificent representations of Black achievement to acknowledge and celebrate.
Click below to hear and applaud an audio presentation of the speech, read by noted actor, Ossie Davis.

2020 Julu Newsletter, History and Culture

Brooklyn Street Named To Honor Haitian Hero Jean-Jacques Dessalines

In this month of celebrating American independence–as debates about which history makers should have monuments erected in their honor increase—a New York street has been renamed to honor a Haitian hero. His name is Jean-Jaques Dessalines, one of three legendary generals who led the successful revolt of enslaved Africans in Haiti. 
Successor to  Dutty Boukman and Toussaint L’overture, General Dessalines led the final surge of Africans who achieved a historic victory. Today, Haiti holds the distinction of being the only country in the western hemisphere where Black people fought and achieved independence. That’s why the street now bears his name.
Click below to learn more about the street naming. As a bonus, click on the second button for more information about Jean-Jacques Dessalines’ historic achievement, driven by his undying commitment to achieving independence.

George Floyd Memorialized, To Be Perpetually Honored in Ghana

Considering the advantages a united African diaspora could enjoy, it is encouraging when leaders of African nations take actions that acknowledge shared interests. That is what makes Ghana’s memorial service for George Floyd notable. His killing by Minnesota police was captured on video and sparked national and international protests.
Ghana’a President, Nana Akufo-Addo, sent a message of condolence to George Floyd’s family. Officials from Ghana’s Tourism Authority hosted a moving tribute. As an enduring sign of common binds, the President ordered George Floyd’s name permanently mounted on the wall of the Diaspora African Forum at the W.E.B. DuBois Centre in Ghana’s capital, Accra. With a long history of promoting African and African American unity, Ghanaian leaders continue to encourage a rekindling of family ties between Africans and African Americans. Click below to read more details.

2020 July Newsletter, Present Day Achievements

Therapist Raises $80K to Address Racial Trauma in Black Communities

Recognizing the emotional stress Black people often endure from experiencing and witnessing routine acts of racial violence, Saleemah McNeil went to work providing free and low-cost mental health services. Founder of  Philadelphia’s Oshun Family Center, the reproductive therapist addresses varied aspects of race-based trauma, with a focus on the relationship between racism and maternal health. She has set a goal to raise $100,000. For a reminder of when and how Black people roll-up up their sleeves to care for each other, click below. 

2020 July Newsletter, Business and Finances

Brilliant 8-Year-Old Teaches Neuroscience From Her Home Lab

Davin Shephard’s daughter was only 3-years-old when he began sharing with her his interest in biology. As her father’s “study buddy” Amoy Antunet developed a love for scientific exploration, with a particular attraction to brain functions. Amoy’s natural ability and curiosity were  apparently nurtured inside a home learning environment that helped activate her amazing intellect. That’s why you can now find Amoy conducting science experiments from her home laboratory that are  featured on her “Science For Children” Facebook page.
Considering current COVID-19 shelter-in-place restrictions, Amoy’s experiments offer a great source of on-line learning for young people. Feel free to send this article to each Black child you know and love, as an invitation to hang-out with another young Black genius. Click below to find out how to join more than a million viewers who have already watched  Amoy’s amazing videos.

Black Bookstore Owner Selling Out of Books, First Time in Decades

As people turn to books about Black life to discover insights that inform the current call for racial equity, Black book sellers are experiencing significantly heightened sales. Their good fortune provides a wonderful reminder of how reading books can inform decisions and solve problems. In fact, the same way reading can help solve problems, it can help prevent them.That’s why you may want to make purchasing books about Black life a permanent monthly expense. On behalf of furthering self-knowledge, let’s make the current increase in Black book purchases a new norm. Click below to read more about a Black book seller who would love to become your monthly “know thy self” provider.


Despite Economic Downturn Black Baker Buys Chocolate Candy Company

This story of sweet entrepreneurial success provides yet another example of what Black business owners can and do accomplish, even in the face of substantive challenges. Not only has Stephanie Hart, owner of Chicago’s Brown Sugar Bakery, managed to survive the COVID-19 induced economic down turn, she is expanding the foundation and reach of her business by purchasing the 84-year-old chocolate company Cupid Candies. As challenges and obstacles often help distinguish people with winning mindsets, we congratulate Hart for being an entrepreneurial champion. Click below to learn more and be inspired to keep climbing.