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What is Taught?
  • How to add more joy and fulfillment in your life

  • Ways to think and take actions to improve areas of your life

  • Lessons from Black achievement as instruction for living greatly

  • Thought-principles and action habits for achieving highly

Who Participates?
  • People ready to be, do, and have more in life

  • High achievers and those in the making

  • Adults who comprise social, family, religious, business, or other groups.

  • Youth at least 14-years old

Where Do We Teach?
  • In the nurturing environments we create where participants are affirmed.

  • Participants can access the Virtual learning platform from their home, school, or most any location where they are able join our online environment.

Do You Want a 1, 2, or 3-Day Self-Development Training For Your Organization's Event?
  • 1-Day Life Visioning Learning Experience

    1-day Life Visioning Learning Experience supports participants with identifying a clear and specific goal in life they want to achieve.

  • 2-Day Life Visioning & Planning Learning Experience Planning Training

    2-day Life Visioning & Planning Learning Experience guides participants through the development of a personal plan of action for achieving a goal already identified. The Envisioning Greatly and Planning with Precision Learning Experiences are combined to form 2-days of focused learning.

  • 3-Day Life Visioning & Planning Self-Leadership Learning Experience

    3-day Self-Leadership Learning Experience focuses on visioning, planning and executing on the tasks required to achieve participants’ identified goals. Strategically leveraging days 1 & 2 learning experiences, the 3-day Leadership Conference/ Retreat supports participants in taking concrete actions-steps outlined in day 2 action plan.

Who Are Our Facilitators?

Susan Shelton

Lead Facilitator

Mwangaza Michael-Bandele

Principal Facilitator

Jonn Thomas

Lead Facilitator

Through the lens of Black achievement we teach
self-development skills for producing the life you really want.

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