Great Zimbabwe: The Largest Ancient African Structure South of the Sahara

The ruins of Great Zimbabwe, the 11-17th century city where Africans built extraordinary stone structures and maintained a flourishing economy, is today a monument to greatness. Located in the southeastern hills of present-day Zimbabwe, up to 20,000 ancestors of the Shona people are estimated to have populated the city at its height. The extraordinary manner in which the great ruins were built continues to mystify archaeologists.
Millions of brick stones were expertly cut and fitted to erect walls as high as 36 feet—without mortar! That means a way to secure stone without a binding agent was not only invented, but also perfected. The structures are over a thousand years old, making them the largest assemblage of ancient structures south of the Sahara desert.
Early attempts to appropriate the remarkable skill and precision of African builders—a well-documented scheme to conceal African genius—crumbled in the face of substantiated truth. Much like their northern Kemetic (Egyptian) pyramid-building family, the builders of Great Zimbabwe demonstrated  extraordinary abilities. Click below to read more about this archaeological wonder. And because living a Blacknificent Life! includes avoiding pitfalls, click on the bonus link to view a 25-minute video where tactics used to deny and suppress the African origins of this technologically advanced great city, are exposed.

2020 March Newsletter, History and Culture

Ghana Grants Citizenship To Over 100 African American and Caribbean People

In recognition of the common ancestry and future that binds people throughout the African Diaspora, a special November 2019 ceremony in Ghana welcomed 126 African-Americans and Afro-Caribbeans as citizens. The joyful gathering was one of the largest the West African nation had seen during its 2019 Year of Return initiative that encouraged the return of people of African descent to their motherland.
The great Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s first president, declared in 1957 that a homecoming for African-Americans stolen from Africa’s shores was an imperative for Pan African unity. In 2001 the nation’s Right to Abode law was passed, making that offer official policy. To promote the law, current Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo toured the Caribbean this past summer and signed on to an historic agreement establishing visa-free travel between Ghana and Jamaica for citizens of both nations.
Click below to learn more about the Ghanaian citizenship offer, its ceremony, and the unbridled opportunities it represents for Africans, united once again.

2020 March Newsletter, Present Day Achievment

Meet The String Queens, Black Women Changing the Face of Classical Music

Bringing an extraordinary spirit and soul to their trio, The String Queens are expanding the realm of possibilities associated with classical instrumentation. Kendall Isadore, Élise Sharp, and Dawn Johnson are not only professional musicians, they each teach music in schools that serve Black youth. As educators and musicians, they are putting a new face and function on string instruments that can positively impact Black youth self-regard.

These three ladies perform a full range of music that includes gospel, jazz, R&B, and classical European. While many of the songs may be familiar, their poise and passion is uncommonly grand. A more fitting name could not have been given to these musicians who reign supreme. We are excited to provide direct access to their music portfolio. Click below and treat yourself to a mini concert featuring dynamic sounds of pure royalty.

2020 March Newsletter, Present Day Achievment

Meet A Savvy, Self-taught, Successful 12-Year-Old Stock Market Investor

Meet the 2019 Black Enterprise Teenpreneur of the Year, Christon Jones, a self-taught stock-market investor and founder and CEO of Return on Investment, LLC. He travels the world speaking about investing and has a thriving online course for adults and youth titled, “Truth Success Series.”
Christon’s mom didn’t initially take his interest in stocks and bonds seriously. After his consistent efforts won her over, she enrolled her son and herself into investment courses. Christon leveraged his family’s support and reinvested it into fellow youth who did not always experience supportive circumstances or opportunities.
An unapologetically Black young man and the author of two books, Christon is focused on helping his peers understand trading, wealth and success. He is the producer of the Truth Playmaker Awards—a star-studded, red carpet annual African-American awards show that debuted in June 2019. Produced by Black youth to honor Black youth, it is the first event of its kind to salute those who have made a positive impact in the business, sports, social and entertainment industries. Click below to read more and learn about his TRUTH system tips for smart investing.

2020 March Newsletter, Youth and Community

Inaugural Black Fathers Foundation Gala Is an Uplifting Success

The brothers were looking good. Smiling, well-dressed Black men were everywhere at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of African-American History and Culture in Baltimore. Many of them were members of the Black Fathers Foundation, enjoying the organization’s first annual gala. All of them representing people and communities who came to acknowledge, support, and celebrate Black fatherhood.
The Foundation emerged from Founder Matt Prestbury starting a private Facebook group dedicated to sharing support and information for fathers, engaged in varied ways, raising their children. As membership approached 57,000, he envisioned a foundation offering financial assistance to organizations advocating for Black fathers and their families. Prestbury offers a powerful lesson in the difference one person can make in the lives of many. He envisioned and delivered a magnificent outcome, while Black. Click below to read more about great Black men being great Black fathers.

2020 March Newsletter, Present Day Achievment

Doctors Open First Black-Owned Urgent Care Center in Chicago

Four Black doctors, one a former NFL player, have opened an urgent-care facility that also attends to mental health and wellness needs of the community—in the Hyde Park section of Chicago. It is the brainchild of physicians who saw a lack of quality medical care access in the area. Premier Health Urgent Care is the first Black-owned facility of its kind in a city where residents without health insurance routinely delay seeking diagnosis and treatment. The four men also donate a portion of profits to help combat violence and support at-risk youth. They are not only saving lives, but demonstrating the life-saving power of working collectively. Click below to learn more.

2020 March Newsletter, Present Day Achievment

Once Homeless and Incarcerated, Used Creative Persistence & Transformed His Life

Like many young Black men, Darrnell Fergusen’s life included twists and turns that compromised his greatness. Yet, after being incarcerated and homeless, he apparently shifted his thought patterns and action-habits to tap into the legacy of Black achievement. After being repeatedly knocked down in life, he chose to repeatedly get back up. Darnell is a powerful example, a demonstration, perhaps even an icon for how Black folks—and especially the formerly incarcerated and homeless—can still create magnificent lives, while Black. Darnell represents the kind of success that is available when we vision, plan, and take actions required to reach identified goals.
After reading this article and learning how Darnell won multiple cooking awards, and opened 3—yes, 3 restaurants in Kentucky and Ohio, would you  share this story with at least three people? Would you use this article to encourage a few Black men and others in your network to step up, to climb, to win? Will you share Darnell’s story at your school or with workplace colleagues? How about sending out an inspirational group text with a link to the article? In whatever way you choose, we hope you will remind others—and especially young men like Darnell—that no matter what it looks like, they must look forward and persist. Invite them to join the relentless ranks of other Darnells, who did not stop until success was clenched. Click below for more details. And, thank you

2020 March Newsletter, Present Day Achievment