When Moors Conquered and Ruled in Europe

Recent focus on the Russian invasion of Ukraine brings attention to Europe’s long history of military conflicts. While one historic invasion of Europe is less known, the time when Africans conquered and ruled the territory of present-day Spain and Portugal is well documented.
The extended period of African dominance began in 711 AD when a determined army of mostly Berbers from Northwest Africa crossed the Strait of Gibralter, invaded European shores, and began an 800-year reign. The conquerers were Moors, African muslims who brought a tremendous knowledge-base to Europe. In fact, it was the depth of Moorish influence that transformed the entire Iberian Peninsula into an economic center where education and science flourished for hundreds of years. Under African Islamic influence, this territory became one of the most prosperous and highly developed in Europe. 
Click below to learn more about Moorish knowledge, culture and innovations that helped develop Europe. Be reminded that people of African descent broadly influenced world history, as evidence that African descendants can broadly influence the world’s future. 
For a detailed history of when Moors ruled in Europe, click the other button to purchase the fascinating book “The Story of Moors in Spain” from Black Classic Press.

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Three Black Women Raise $60K, Help Africans Facing Racism Flee Ukraine

In the wake of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, Africans were among millions who fled for their lives to neighboring countries. When reports surfaced about Black people not being allowed fair access to evacuation transport—some even being removed from trains to make room for white passengers—3 African women went to work. Korrine Sky, Patricia Daley, and Tokunbo Koiki joined forces, quickly raised $60,000, and used social media to help more than 500 leave Ukraine. That’s 500 African students facing life-threatening conditions who were rescued by an effort led by Africans living abroad.
Click below to learn more about the amazing humanitarian work of 3 Sister Heroes who provided life-saving assistance when it was most needed. Be inspired by their example of what people of African descent, working together, can quickly and powerfully accomplish. We are our own rescue.

2022 March Newsletter, History and Culture

Brilliant Engineer Creating Pipeline to Produce 10K Black Engineers

Favour Nerrise is implementing an extraordinary professional readiness plan that could be a real game changer in Black communities and beyond. As a PhD engineering student at Stanford University and Chairperson for the National Society of Black Engineers, Nerrise is leading an initiative to graduate 10,000 Black engineering students annually. That would almost double the current number of graduates and significantly contribute to the growing need for engineering talent.
Nerrise’s plan is extraordinary, given the span of exposure, support, and promise it can lend aspiring Black engineers. It also imparts a professional attainment plan other Black organizations can model. What if the national organization of Black lawyers, accountants, nurses and other professionals committed themselves to recruiting Black students into their respective ranks? What if each organization provided Black youth frequent learning experiences that normalized academic rigor required to enter the various profession, as fun? How many lives might such a plan reroute to achieve higher because Black students were nurtured and guided through high school and college by competent and caring Black professionals? 

Click below to learn how, under the leadership of Favour Nerrise, the National Society of Black Engineers is building its own pipeline of Black engineers. Then imagine the shift that would occur when every Black professional association did the same.

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First Black Family In Texas To Race Horses Is Betting On "Black Lives Matter"

When the words “Black Lives Matter” first bellowed from loudspeakers, most people at the track had no idea what was going on. Moments later, as the Hatley family’s quarter horse sprinted toward the finish line, it became clear that a horse named “Black Lives Matter” had entered the race—and won. This victory marked the beginning of a new and exciting era in Texas horse racing history.
As the first Black family in Texas to race quarter horses, the Hatley’s recent win continues the work of their father who raced horses from 1963 until 1990. The family stopped entering competitions decades ago because as one brother, Gregory Hatley explained, “We’d go to the race tracks, it’d be 500 to 600 white people and we’d be the only Blacks there and they’d cheat us so bad.”
The recent win of “Black Lives Matter” signals the Hatley family’s heartfelt return to the business of horse racing. “This is God’s plan,” Hatley Jr. said. “That’s why his name is Black Lives Matter . . . because Black Lives truly matter. We just want the world to know that we’re here and we’re here to stay.”
Click below to learn more about the Hatley’s—a proud Black family standing squarely in the boot prints of their father. Despite pushbacks, they are committed to keeping the phrase “Black Lives Matter” prominent in social discourse.

2022 March Newsletter, Present Day Achievements 

Black Business Woman Manufactures Beautiful Eco-Friendly Container Homes

Tamika Shari Bond, owner of Bond Containers, is reportedly the first Black woman to manufacture container homes. But not just any run-of the-mill variety. Bond homes are strong, affordable, eco-friendly and self-sustaining. They come with energy efficient windows and appliances, rain water harvesting systems, and off-grid backup solar power systems. 
Considering the soaring global interest in eco-friendly housing, Bond appears to have entered a strong and promising industry. Global modular construction generated more that $125 billion in 2019 and is expected to exceed $175 billion by 2025. 
Click below to learn more about Tamika Shari Bond, the savvy Sister CEO demonstrating how honorable businesses can create a better world AND significant profit.

College Student Uses Independent Study To Get Friend Released From Prison

When Brandon Harris’ childhood friend, Sura Sohna, was tried as an adult and convicted of burglary, he faced a 15-year sentence. Although Sohna was incarcerated, Harris did not forget him. 
In fact, as a student at Davidson College in North Carolina, Harris integrated his desire to understand the conditions that led his friend to become incarcerated, into his college studies. He began an independent  research class wherein Harris collected and analyzed information from Sohna’s family, burglary victims, arresting police, and others involved. Harris’ research findings were so compelling that when presented at a sentence reduction hearing, Sohna was released from prison 12-years early.  
Because one Black man did not forget the other, two young men are now on a path to living more meaningful lives. Sohna has been given the opportunity to create a future unimaginable just months ago. Harris, who previously planned to become a medical doctor, is now focused on pursuing a law career.
Click below to learn more about Brandon Harris, a brilliant Black man with a beautiful heart, industrious mind, and valiant memory. Be informed and inspired by the enduring power of Brotherhood.

Ultra Kosmic 9 Bamboo Toilet Tissue Company, Providing Healthier Wipes

Proprietors of the Black-owned toilet tissue brand Ultra Kosmic 9 are on a mission to let the world know the many ways that bamboo plants make better tissue. They are encouraging people to switch from traditional toilet tissue derived from soft-wood trees, to the more eco-friendly, sustainable, and healthier variety of bamboo derived tissue. 
In comparison to conventional tissue, fibers from bamboo are naturally smoother and thereby produce a softer tissue that does not need to be treated with harsh softening chemicals. Various dyes, scents, and other chemicals are also avoided when using Ultra Kosmic 9 bamboo toilet paper that contains absolutely no chemicals or bleach.
Click below to learn more Ultra Kosmic 9, the Black family tissue brand that promises “The Best Wipe Of Your Life”.

2022 March Newsletter, Present Day Achievements