Ancient African Science and Technology Achievements: Continuing A Legacy

In response to the COVID-19 virus, Black people have rolled up their sleeves and are working diligently to thwart its ruin in communities around the world. From implementing effective containment strategies to creating medical equipment, supplies, and improved testing processes—prevention efforts are underway. These “can do” efforts reflect a long history of Africans producing knowledge and technology that benefits the world. This article delineates some of the early African achievements in science and technology, like the development of mathematical concepts more than 35,000 years ago and the medicinal use of plants with salicylic acid (used in aspirin) for pain. Written by a biologist, this article offers a lens through which to view the lineage of prevention efforts offered by Black doctors, inventors, and others working to end the COVID-19 pandemic. They represent a long tradition of Black people creating and producing what is needed to solve problems and thrive. Click below to be historically inspired.

2020 May Newsletter, History and Culture

African Tech Inventions Created to Fight COVID-19

Want to be inspired by the creative intelligence of 4 African inventors? Then
consider how they have invented a solar powered hand washing station, a
portable ventilator, and more effective testing kits. These men and women have directed their efforts to developing products that help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Faced with a challenge, each inventor went to work figuring out what would help produce a remedy. Considering how to be an asset in the midst of adversity is a powerful thought process that can well serve communities during and after the pandemic. Cultivating the ability to imagine solutions is priceless. Click below and discover examples of what an “I have the answer” mindset can produce.

2020 May Newsletter, Present Day Achievement

Philadelphia Doctors Launch COVID-19 Testing Initiative For Black Communities

Fully aware of racial disparities contributing to the higher rate of COVID-19 related deaths in Black communities, a group of 30 Black doctors and other health care providers went into action to provide more testing in Philadelphia’s urban Black communities. Armed with knowledge and self-regard, The Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium was organized. With the intention to test at least 1,000 individuals each week, they started by simply loading up a van with test-kits and stationing themselves on church parking lots. What a wonderful example of what skill and self-value—coupled with collective work and responsibility—can look like. Click below to read further and be reminded of the power of We.

2020 May Newsletter, Present Day Achievement

Bronx Teenage Math Wiz Teaches Half a Million Followers on TikTok

If you’d like to enjoy a refreshing take on the use of social media, read further and be enlivened by 16-year old Alexis Loverez. With encouragement from friends, he began showcasing impressive math skills using TikTok. The Harlem Prep School student teaches math concepts to peers who congregate daily. His popularity is a wonderful example of how social media can be used for good, and the power of positive peer influence. Can you imagine how this ongoing experience is helping to build the confidence of Black, brown and other learners around the world? Let’s share this article widely as an incentive for using social media platforms to magnify good. Doing so could actually inspire young people to step up and into more empowered visions of life. Click below to view a video of Alexis Loverez bringing math to the masses!

2020 May Newsletter, Youth and Community

Corporate Powerhouse Ursula Burns Offers Sage Advice For Using Shelter-in-Place Time

Ursula Burns, the former Xerox CEO who guided the company from imminent failure to recovered success, has lots of experience navigating challenges. To help move people though difficulties imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, she offers compelling advice for how to spend sheltering-in-place time; become a better steward of your body and mind. Burns further encourages people to “look for the remedy in the reset.” Both suggestions affirm the power of activating self-accountability. She reminds us that while the pandemic will cause “resets” in varied areas of life, whether the reset improves or diminishes your life is mostly up to you. “We can sit back and let people do it for us or be actively engaged . . .” To help navigate the day-to-day challenges new norms can present, this advice is shared as encouragement for visioning the tomorrow you really want. Click below for tips on making the most out of trying times.

2020 May Newsletter, Business and Finances


First Time Ever - Most NFL 1st-Round Picks Have Black Agents

While global changes continue to be driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is another kind of change occurring in the world of professional sports. The number of Black agents representing professional Black football players are significantly increasing. Black agents represented more than half of the NFL players recently drafted. This growth marks a notable shift in who the front-line influencers are that help direct the careers and earnings of Black athletes. While no Black agent has yet to represent a white football player, congratulations are in order for both the Black agents and their Black clients for championing a practice that not only advances equity—it reflects healthy self-regard. That one of these Black agents is a woman makes this shift all the more worthy of celebration. To join the celebration and learn more, grab some confetti and click below.

2020 May Newsletter, Present Day Achievement

Black Inventor Creates Board Game That Teaches Children and Adults How to Start a Business

Learning valuable business skills while playing a game can be a powerful way to orient children for success. That’s exactly why Elliot Eddie—a speaker, teacher, and business owner—created the Entrepreneur Game. With a passion for building businesses, Eddie created a fun way to experience the wonders and challenges of starting and maintaining your own company, in the comfort of your home.
Apparently, readying children for success was one of Eddie’s primary goal. “We owe it to our children and all of our futures to make sure they know that they are capable of creating a successful business.” Adults are encouraged to join the game, share the joy, and turn any evening into family fun night. In fact, what better way to use sheltering-at-home time than bonding and bettering with children. Read below to learn more about the game and why you might want to add it to your happy-home tool kit. But be forewarned: according to Eddie, this game could cause players to become more confident, competent, and inclined to create incredible lives! Click below, and let the games begin!

2020 May Newsletter, Present Day Achievement