Meet A Savvy, Self-taught, Successful 12-Year-Old Stock Market Investor

Meet the 2019 Black Enterprise Teenpreneur of the Year, Christon Jones, a self-taught stock-market investor and founder and CEO of Return on Investment, LLC. He travels the world speaking about investing and has a thriving online course for adults and youth titled, “Truth Success Series.”
Christon’s mom didn’t initially take his interest in stocks and bonds seriously. After his consistent efforts won her over, she enrolled her son and herself into investment courses. Christon leveraged his family’s support and reinvested it into fellow youth who did not always experience supportive circumstances or opportunities.
An unapologetically Black young man and the author of two books, Christon is focused on helping his peers understand trading, wealth and success. He is the producer of the Truth Playmaker Awards—a star-studded, red carpet annual African-American awards show that debuted in June 2019. Produced by Black youth to honor Black youth, it is the first event of its kind to salute those who have made a positive impact in the business, sports, social and entertainment industries. Click here to read more and learn about his TRUTH system tips for smart investing

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