The Extraordinary Rise of Black Politicians After Emancipation

Black voters by and large determined the outcome of the 2020 United States presidential election. In doing so, an ability to harness Black political will was displayed.This ability reflects the kind of committed organizing Black folks also displayed right after legal enslavement ended. Between1867 and 1877, freedmen turned fully to electoral politics as a mechanism for improving Black lives. As a result, 2 senators and 16 congressman were elected, and upwards of 2,000 additional Black officials are reported to have held public offices during the era known as Radical Reconstruction.
Who were these pioneering Black politicians who quickly readied themselves to lead? What did their elections accomplish? How can knowledge of their experiences inform present-day strategies? To learn more about the earliest cohort of Black elected officials and the circumstances that produced them, click below.

2020 November Newsletter, History and Culture

Celebrating Fannie Lou Hamer, Courageous Queen Mother of Black Voter Registration

Post election conversations about the power of the Black vote would be remiss without referencing Fannie Lou Hamer, a courageous Mississippi share cropper who routinely risked life and limb to register Black voters during the 1960’s. Although Mrs. Hamer was savagely beaten and lived under the constant threat of death, she was unstoppable. She made it her business to register members of the most impoverished Mississippi communities, where deceit and racial terrorism had prevented Black citizens from voting for almost 100 years. Joining and leading multiple efforts to secure Black Mississippians’ right to vote, Mrs. Hamer became a principal voice and strategist in the movement that compelled passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.
Click below to view a remarkable 27-minute video that outlines the work of Fannie Lou Hamer and how her ancestral footprints provide a sacred space in which Stacy Abrams and other Black vote warriors can now stand.

2020 November Newsletter, History and Culture

WNBA Champion Candace Parker and Daughter Become Pro Soccer Team Owners

Candace Parker, Women’s National Basketball extraordinaire, recently joined the ownership ranks of the National Women’s Soccer League’s Angel City team. Like tennis phenom Serena Williams who is also part-owner, Parker included her young daughter in the ownership agreement.
While Black parent/child business models offer an exciting way to seed continuity, these partnerships become even more note worthy when they tap into a $500 billion sports industry largely dependent  on Black talent. William Rhoden’s publication “Forty Million Dollar Slaves” offers a reminder of how Black athletes sustain an industry in which they have very little control. Click below to learn more about Parker’s plans that signal a shift in the ownership dynamics of professional sports.

2020 November Newsletter, Present Day Achievements

Determined 12-year-old Island Boy Swims From Saint Lucia to Martinique

It’s more than 50 miles between the Caribbean Islands St. Lucia and Martinique. Amazingly, 12-year-old Christophe Maleau swam each of them, non-stop. With his father rowing a small boat at his side, and a support crew near-by, Christophe swam more than 12 hours to accomplish a feat completed by few. His incredible venture was part of a cancer awareness campaign he joined to support his mother, a breast cancer survivor.
When the swim became really difficult, and thoughts of quitting flashed through Christophe’s mind, he recalled telling himself “I had no right [to stop]. I had to continue for the cause I was defending.” By singing songs in his head and remembering his commitment to his mother, Christophe maintained the mental fortitude required to clinch victory. Click below to read how a son committed to his mother, with his father at his side, achieved highly.

Black Entrepreneur Transforms Semi-Trailer Into Bowling Alley

Creative, inventive, and clearly attuned to the growing value of at-your-door delivery conveniences provided by businesses like Amazon, Uber, and HubGrub—Detroit entrepreneur Terence Jackson, Jr. converted his 53-foot semi trailer truck into a bowling alley on wheels. The transportable Luxury Strike Bowling venue can bring recreational services directly to your door. Whether an addition to a private party, fundraiser, youth event, or other occasion, Luxury Strike Bowling intends to make any gathering extra special. To learn more about the innovative Brother delivering a novel way to enjoy bowling, click below.

2020 November Newsletter, Present Day Achievements

Compassionate Brother Builds Free Mobile Shelters for the Homeless

Winters get really cold in Toronto, Canada and homeless people die from exposure. Because of Khaleel Seivwright’s extraordinary compassion, fewer will. Khaleel is a carpenter constructing mobile homes for the homeless. As winter drew nearer, and the COVID-19 pandemic persisted, Khaleel recognized the heightened risk for contracting the deadly virus. That is why he began building and distributing shelters, free of charge.
Rather than relying on others to make a difference, Khaleel tapped into his own abilities, and has made a huge difference for each shelter recipient. To learn more about the Black man honoring his ability to BE the answer, click below.

2020 November Newsletter, Present Day Achievement ,

12-Year-Old Black Composer Debuts Work Performed by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra

Chosen to participate in the New York Philharmonic Very Young Composers program, 12-year-old Grace Moore became a featured composer whose work was recently performed by members of the Philharmonic Orchestra. Entitled “Summer,” Grace’s composition was inspired by her 2020 summer experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement. Her work provides a great example of how Black youth can reflect and process challenges in a healthy manner when provided positive creative outlets. Click below to learn more about Grace’s journey to composing great music. You’ll can also hear a sample of “Summer.