Battle of Adwa, A Great African Victory

In 1896, in the midst of European campaigns to seize, subjugate, and colonize African nations, Ethiopian forces defeated Italian invaders in a climatic battle. It was at Adwa where Ethiopians, demonstrating great military and diplomatic genius, triumphed.
As a victory celebrated throughout the African world, the Adwa battle presents an important historic display of Black accomplishment. The victory left clues about the conditions and practices that produce extraordinary achievement. Studying its details can enlighten efforts  to win, despite the appearance of formidable odds.
Here’s an article that introduces this historic event. To learn even more, click on the second link to the Sankofa Video online store where you can purchase the full feature movie Adwa: An African Victory, produced by the great filmmaker Haile Gerima.

2019 October Newsletter, History and Culture

Simone Biles, Greatest Gymnast EVER!

An October issue of the Blacknificent Life! Newsletter would not be complete without recognizing Simone Biles’ extraordinary accomplishments. Having won gold medals in five of six events during October’s 49th International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Stuttgart, Germany, Biles has now earned a total of 25 medals of which 19 are gold, making her the most decorated World Championship gymnast—ever!

Her beauty, power, and creative genius was on full display, over and over again, as she astonished the world with perfect execution of some of the most complex routines ever attempted. Yet, contending a need to discourage others from attempting the difficult routines that Biles successfully performed, the Women’s Technical Committee of the International Gymnastics Federation attributed low value points to her routine. Nonetheless, here’s what we know for sure.
No one in the world—male or female—has achieved what she has. No one. EVER. Period.
Like the highly celebrated Roger Bannister who in 1952 ran one mile in less than 4 minutes when world experts agreed doing so was humanly impossible, Simone Biles has broken through long held boundaries. In doing so she has triumphed over mental barriers and expanded the universe of gymnastic performance possibilities, exponentially. 
Let’s forward this article widely so we can collectively know and celebrate the greatness of Simone Biles, on behalf of Black self-regard. Click below and let the revel begin.

2019 October Newsletter, Present Day Achievment

8 Year-Old Nigerian Chess Champion Lived in a Homeless Shelter

This year’s first-place chess winner in the junior-most division of the New York State Scholastic Champions is eight-year old Tanitoluwa Adewumi. At the time of his March 2019 win, “Tani,” a bright and handsome young Nigerian, was living in a Manhattan homeless shelter.
His family fled religious persecution in Nigeria and for two years had no residence to call “home.” But his high-profile win came with a number of offers, including a car for the family and housing help. People Tani had never met are proud of him and awed at his potential to become one of history’s youngest grandmasters. Click on the link below and be inspired to live beyond any limits your address might suggest.

2019 October Newsletter, Present Day Achievment

Black Owned Furlough Cheesecake Brand Exemplifies The Power of Turning Worry Into Focused Work

The December 22, 2018 through January 25, 2019 shutdown of the US federal government caused a lot of angst and despair for many, including sisters Nikki Howard and Jaqui Wright who were furloughed. After deciding to trade in the practice of worry for the promise of work, they began selling cheesecakes they had long made for family and friends.
Their business began with good traction that included a video appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. After scoring a Walmart contract to service more than 100 stores, The Furlough Cheesecake business is booming! With a delicious recipe in hand, Howard and Wright leveraged their relationship and work ethic to not only pay everyday bills, but to also employ many in their family and community.

The name of their company, The Furlough Cheesecake, and its origin story are potent reminders of how to turn what appears to be a problem into a launching pad for greater success. Cheesecake anyone? Click here to learn more.

2019 October Newsletter, Present Day Achievment

African Continental Free Trade Area Set To Become World’s Largest Free Trade Zone

Achieving practical unity that advances the day-to-day well-being of Africans throughout the continent has long been the dream of Africans and many of their descendants throughout the world. The May 2019 ratification of the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement (AfCFTA) advances that possibility as it clears the way for intra-African trading agreements that encourage market exchange and cooperation.
The trade agreement will further African efforts to harness and control its own resources. Knowing how African nations were saddled with restrictions and obligations since the 1800’s as a result of colonial imposition, lends the historical context in which the significance of AfCFTA can be more fully understood.
Read more to learn about AfCFTA’s implications for Africans and people of African descent throughout the world.

2019 October Newsletter, Present Day Achievment

Kenyan Engineer Creates Gloves That Translate Sign Language Into Speech

People of African descent continue to produce what seems like an infinite stream of technological inventions. Most recently 25 year-old Roy Allela, a tech geek from Kenya, was inspired by his deaf niece to create a glove that translates sign language into audio speech.
Equipped with special movement sensors, when the gloves are worn by signers and paired with an app that Allela also created, each letter is vocalized. This invention has already won an impressive array of awards and is poised to radically transform the lives of millions in the global deaf community. Click below to learn more about this amazing invention.

2019 October Newsletter, Present Day Achievment

Maryland’s New and Only Black Owned Theater: Elegant and Earmarked for Success

Two young Black entrepreneurs are getting used to being one of the main
attractions at their Next Act cinema. Reportedly the first Black owned movie house in Maryland, it offers a plush and welcoming movie-going experience.  
Friends Robert Wright and Anthony Fykes planned Next Act as an intimate experience that customers could enjoy with others.There are two screening rooms and food from an extensive menu can be brought to customers at their seats.
Thank you Robert and Anthony for being living, breathing examples of how to create exquisite experiences in life, while Black. Click here to learn more.

2019 October Newsletter, Present Day Achievment