Saluting Leo Sullivan, 60-Year Animator Creating Content for Black Children

Sixty years ago Leo Sullivan began his journey to “uplift and inform Black families through animated interactive content.” During his vast career, he worked with Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbera and many leading studios to produce and direct award winning animation. Throughout his career, Sullivan has devoted his work to building the confidence and character of Black youth.

Supported by his wife, the Sullivan’s have amassed a multi-brand media conglomerate that includes AfroKids, and AfroKidsTV. They were recently honored for their lifetime achievements as recipients of Jesse Jackson’s Operation Push Legacy Award. At this time, when Black youth are spending more time than ever consuming media content, the wholesome programming the Sullivan’s offer is invaluable.

Click here to learn more about Leo Sullivan and his stated commitment to “Building our children’s self esteem & reconnecting them to their cultural heritage . . . “

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