with host Mwangaza Michael-Bandele

Episode 001

Welcome to the premier episode of the Blacknificent Life! Podcast. On today’s show, we will outline the purpose of this podcast series and describe the type of content to expect. Examples of upcoming show topics are provided.“We are very capable of telling ourselves stories, of consciously thinking in ways that generate the outcomes we want.” Mwangaza Michael-Bandele [7:33]Takeaways
  • The value of this podcast in teaching African Diaspora history as a source of Black self-regard
  • The fusion of triumphant historical knowledge with self-development practices
  • We will explore varied topics related to Black history in the coming episodes.
  • Understand the vital function of melanin in the human body.
Key Moments[1:39] Meet Sister/ Doctor Mwangaza Michael-Bandele, the host of this podcast. Learn what kids of topics will be featured and the intention of the discussions she will facilitate. [3:58] How the Blacknificent Life! Podcast can increase Black self-regard [5:47] Our commitment to provide Black achievement information as a launching pad for achieving more in life. [6:58] Understanding how life experiences are often manifestation of the stories you tell yourself. Examples of actions that support manifesting desired outcomes are provided. [9:16] Get to know a little abut your host, Mwangaza Michael-Bandele, her childhood, and early experiences that shaped her formal educational training and career path. [12:16] How reading Your Erroneous Zones, by Wayne Dyer at a young age helped Michael-Bandele understand who she was as co-creator of her life. [15:04] Descriptions of other Blacknificent Life! products and services, accessible at our website. [16:49] Examples of the topics that we will be covering in the coming episodes [23:23] The need to train, and thereby empower Black children to love reading, above all. [25:35] The importance and value of melanin to healthy physiology. ReferencesBlacknificent Life! Education and Digital Media Complex website: https://blacknificentlife.com/