Wheelchair-bound Sister Would Not Be Grounded, Earns Pilot License

During trying times, learning how others achieve victory under trying conditions can help galvanize inner strength and commitment to keep going. The story of Leslie Irby, who was paralyzed from injuries sustained in a car accident, lends that kind of strengthening. Undeterred by her misfortune, Irby enrolled in a special program of flight training for people that we at the Blacknificent Life! Complex refer to as “differently” abled. She earned her pilot’s license.
Speaking about this accomplishment, Irby said, “My wheelchair is my blessing. I have so much more rockin n’ rollin to do!” Her incredible tenacity reflects a mind that searched for, found, and exploited advantages discovered in her loss of mobility. Let us celebrate Irby’s champion mindset by using this story as a source of encouragement. Now is the time to share this article widely with the many affected and effected by COVID-19 and that other racial terrorism “virus” that has caused protests and riots around the world. To learn more and be inspired to obliterate both life-threatening illnesses, click here.

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