10-Year-Old Offers Crayons and Other Art Products That Celebrate Brown Skin

When Bellen Woodard first heard a classmate refer to the color peach as “skin tone”, she knew something was not right. After all, her honey-golden skin color was not peach. Even though she was the only Black child in her class, she spoke-up.

Woodard explained to her classmates how aligning the concept of many colors with a phrase that only represented one, was grossly problematic. Determined to help shift the faulty practice, Woodard–with family support–began selling crayon packages, colored pencils, and a host of other art related products that represented a range of skin colors, including her own.

Since 2019, Woodard’s “More Than Peach” business project continues to grow. To learn more about the work of a honey-golden girl who spoke-up, and is now showing up as a champion for inclusion, click here. 

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