15-Year-Old Nigerian Math Genius Wins International Competition

Facing a roster of students from Europe, the United States, Africa, Asia, and Australia, Faith Odunsi won the 2021 Global Open Mathematics competition, sponsored by Nigeria’s Mathematics for Life Foundation.

Since middle school, Odunsi has studied hard and competed to develop  exceptional computational prowess. Prior to winning the Global Mathematics competition, she participated in the South African Mathematics Olympiad, American Mathematics Competition, the Pan-African Mathematics Olympiad and other contests. Her pattern of tournament participation highlights how youth publicly celebrated and encouraged to develop academic skills can achieve highly when they—like youth developing athletic skills— are widely promoted and rewarded.

Click here to learn more about Faith Odunsi’s journey to cultivating a champion mind.

Bonus: To watch the stunning final round of the tournament, when Odunsi answered 19 math questions in 60 seconds, click here.

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