The Lynda Monroe Media Complex Exemplifies, We Cannot Forget Our Incarcerated

Lynda Monroe has a good memory. She has made it her business to never forget people facing tough circumstances, especially the incarcerated. Having overcome many life challenges, Monroe knows how easily smart, industrious, and wrongfully convicted people can find themselves in debilitating circumstances. That is why she built a multi-media enterprise that assists former inmates re-entering society. In fact, Monroe has mentored over 1,000 inmates and helped free 50.

The Monroe media platform includes books, coaching services, and a podcast that streams to over 2 million each month. Monroe’s activism underscores the importance of remembering people who are locked up— especially those from communities fraught with excessive sentencing and wrongful convictions. They cannot be forgotten.

Click here to learn more about Lynda Monroe’s sacred work that embodies the wise African maxim “I am, therefore, we are.”

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