An Outline of Violent Racial Events in the United States Since 1660

The title of this article could also have been “A List of Race Riots and Revolts that Evidence Black Strength and Resilience.” That heading would not only have introduced a list of historic clashes, but underscored a record of relentless Black resilience. The list provides historic context for better understanding the current season of national and international protests, sparked by the police murder of George Floyd. What are the variables that produced the trail of racial conflicts that continue? Knowing, studying, applying lessons learned from a history of unrest is an essential step to preventing them. Consider the events delineated in this report as study starting points. Examining these past events may be essential to determining effective actions needed to end this violent history of racial terrorism. To become better acquainted with the remarkable resilience of Black people, while learning about the historical context for present-day protests, click here.

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