Black Chicago Teens Transform Looted Liquor Store Into Fresh Food Market

If you’ve watched or listened to reports about social unrest in Chicago sparked by the George Floyd police killing, you’ve likely been informed of Black youth participation. Did any of those reports mention how Black youth turned a looted liquor store into a food pop-up market? Were you informed of how members of the Young West Siders envisioned better for their community and decided to create the Austin Harvest Market as a fresh food resource? Did you learn how—in the midst of a neighborhood food desert—Black youth built a produce oasis in only 2 months? With financial support from former Chicago Bears linebacker Sam Acho and other Chicago athletes, industrious young folks rolled up their sleeves, went to work, and improved the neighborhood they call home. They’ve turned adverse circumstances into an advantage. 
Let’s ring the bell, sound the alarm, and share this positive news near and far. Because what we think about youth contributes to their behavior, knowing Black youth in Chicago as sources of remedy can foster more positive outcomes. Click here and be inspired to acknowledge Black youth for the good things they do. 

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