Black Restauranteurs Committed to Hiring Formerly Incarcerated

At a restaurant known as Down North, located in a city named Philadelphia, two childhood friends are making and selling pizza like none others. Down North pizza and other menu items are prepared exclusively by people formerly incarcerated. That’s the news many are celebrating, for good reason.
Understanding the massive over incarceration of Black men and women in the United States, and the difficulties they often encounter once released, Kurt Evans and Muhammad Abdul-Hadid decided to help mitigate the employment discrimination many face. From the vast pool of former inmates, Evans and Abdul-Hadid are hiring, training, and producing their own pipeline of great employees.
During a recent Good Morning America interview, Evans explained “It was very important for us to help these people coming from the system and break the cycle of mass incarceration.” The owners’ commitment extends to their provision of short-term housing for some employees who need a place to say as they reestablish themselves in their communities.
Click here to learn more about a heroic business model demonstrating a great added advantage that can come with business ownership. Be inspired by what is achieved when Black people take care of Black people.

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