She Envisioned Highly & Now Owns A New York Water Bottling Company

YESS Water Works is the first water bottling company in New York State that is owned and operated by an African American woman. The series of events that led Paulla McCarthy to purchase the company are as intriguing as they are inspiring. At every turn, the nurse and astute mother of 3 appears to have unknowingly prepared herself for this entrepreneurial leap. From the founding of her non-profit youth agency, to training her twin boys to sell bottled water as an exercise in financial literacy, one step at a time McCarthy was readied for this opportunity.

Even when McCarthy was unable to secure a conventional bank loan to finance the bottling facility purchase, she didn’t stop. With a creative mind and determined heart, she launched a number of revenue building strategies, including the¬†3 Million Gallon Challenge to pre-sell 3,000,000 gallons of water in 30 days.

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