Black Woman Developer Creates Her Own Community

What do you do when you don’t feel welcomed to join a residential community? Well, if your name is Pam Brown Courtney, you make plans to create your own – and then you do! Courtney went from looking to purchase a home, to building Covenant Cove Community, her own residential development, fielding offers from people eager to buy in. Courtney’s development has become a coveted address. Its beautiful homes feature architectural molding, 12-foot ceilings, professional landscaping with sprinkler systems, jacuzzis, walk-in closets and more. Her homes were designed to reflect the worth of the hardworking and deserving people she knew would be residents.
Courtney was familiar with the history of her Little Rock, Arkansas hometown. She’d grown up hearing about the brave Black students known as The Little Rock Nine who integrated Central High School in 1957, despite imminent danger and inhumane treatment. Under federal order the National Guard escorted the students to school to prevent them from being attacked by racist mobs. Courtney also heard that when one of the Nine sought shelter from the mob at a local drug store, she was turned away. Today, Courtney owns that store and is overseeing its renovation.
To read more about this developer and the powerful way she is writing new chapters about Black people in Arkansas, click below.

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