Brilliant 8-Year-Old Teaches Neuroscience From Her Home Lab

Davin Shephard’s daughter was only 3-years-old when he began sharing with her his interest in biology. As her father’s “study buddy” Amoy Antunet developed a love for scientific exploration, with a particular attraction to brain functions. Amoy’s natural ability and curiosity were  apparently nurtured inside a home learning environment that helped activate her amazing intellect. That’s why you can now find Amoy conducting science experiments from her home laboratory that are  featured on her “Science For Children” Facebook page.
Considering current COVID-19 shelter-in-place restrictions, Amoy’s experiments offer a great source of on-line learning for young people. Feel free to send this article to each Black child you know and love, as an invitation to hang-out with another young Black genius. Click here to find out how to join more than a million viewers who have already watched  Amoy’s amazing videos.

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