Brilliant Black Canadian Student 1st To Win Prestigious $500K International Science Competition

In previous years, Maryam Tsegaye shied away from entering the International Breakthrough Junior Challenge. After all, it was a global competition, renowned as the “Oscars of Science” that attracted some of the world’s most knowledgeable and talented 13-19 year-old scientists. She admitted feeling somewhat intimidated. Yet, when Maryam put aside doubts and fears and entered the 2020 competition, she won! The 17-year-old submitted a 3-minute video presentation that creatively explained quantum tunneling, using dice and video games as learning prompts. For her brilliance, expertise, and tenacity, Maryam won the $500,000 prize. She is now recognized as one of the smartest, most talented teens—as relates to comprehending and explaining scientific knowledge—in the world. Let us pause and consider what that means.
As a person of Ethiopian descent, Maryam exemplifies what cultivating the unlimited talents and abilities of Black youth can look like. Consider her a Canadian variety of Black Girl Magic. She is a person you want Black youth—and especially Black girls—to know about. Click here to read more about her amazing achievement and actually view the award winning video! Then, please take a moment to share this article, as a mirror of possibility, with a young person.

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