Meet the Afro-Latina Inspired to Publish a Puerto Rican Magazine To Celebrate Black Beauty and Afro-Latino Culture

As a young girl growing up in Puerto Rico, Sacha Antonetty-Lebrón was enamored by the gorgeous images of African American women she found in the Essence magazines her father brought home after visiting New York. Because she lived in a social structure where darker complexions were disparaged, finding images of beautiful Black women with dark complexions like her own, bolstered Antonetty-Lebrón’s self-regard. Seeing those images sowed her childhood desire to publish an Afro-Latina magazine that celebrated Black beauty. Antonetty-Lebrón’s desire persisted until December 2018 when Revista étnica (Ethnic Magazine) a Puerto Rican magazine that focuses on the beauty and social issues of the Afro-Latinx communities in Puerto Rico, was first published.
Not only does Revista étnica showcase the beauty and power of Black women and communities in Spanish speaking communities around the world, it underscores the similar race, social, and equity issues shared between people of African descent throughout the diaspora. In addition to emphasizing a Black aesthetic, the ground breaking magazine invites collaboration and unity. Referring to the needs of Black world communities, Antonetty-Lebrón commented “I believe that our best resistance is through expressions of beauty,” . . . It’s what gives us power. That’s why in each edition of the magazine, we present our natural beauty, our intellect—what makes us strong.”
Does Anonetty-Lebron’s emphasis on showcasing Black beauty, power, and intellect sound familiar? Click here to learn more about the Spanish publication reinforcing common ties that bind Black women and men.

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