Brilliant Engineer Creating Pipeline to Produce 10K Black Engineers

Favour Nerrise is implementing an extraordinary professional readiness plan that could be a real game changer in Black communities and beyond. As a PhD engineering student at Stanford University and Chairperson for the National Society of Black Engineers, Nerrise is leading an initiative to graduate 10,000 Black engineering students annually. That would almost double the current number of graduates and significantly contribute to the growing need for engineering talent.
Nerrise’s plan is extraordinary, given the span of exposure, support, and promise it can lend aspiring Black engineers. It also imparts a professional attainment plan other Black organizations can model. What if the national organization of Black lawyers, accountants, nurses and other professionals committed themselves to recruiting Black students into their respective ranks? What if each organization provided Black youth frequent learning experiences that normalized academic rigor required to enter the various profession, as fun? How many lives might such a plan reroute to achieve higher because Black students were nurtured and guided through high school and college by competent and caring Black professionals?

Click here to learn how, under the leadership of Favour Nerrise, the National Society of Black Engineers is building its own pipeline of Black engineers. Then imagine the shift that would occur when every Black professional association did the same.

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