Bullied Black Beauty Found Fashion Success Loving Her Dark Skin

Having previously left one school to avoid complexion bullying, 11-year-old Kheris Rogers was bullied at a second school by more people apparently stricken with an inability to comprehend the depth of her dark-complexioned beauty. Her smart family members went to work, seizing the opportunity to use what first appeared to be a problem, as a stepping stone to Rogers loving her beautiful skin tone even more. Her big sister posted photos of the 10-year-old beauty that went viral. Suddenly popular, Rogers—with more family support—designed a t-shirt that boasted the message “Flexin’ In My Complexion.” It too went viral, with help from celebrities like Lupita N’yongo. A clothing line has followed. In addition to Rogers’ presentation at New York Fashion Week, she’s been featured in a Nike ad and appeared on television.
Rogers plans to continue inspiring other young people to not only love, but celebrate, the beautiful color of their skin. Click below to read more details and be reminded to flex.

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