College Student Uses Independent Study To Get Friend Released From Prison

When Brandon Harris’ childhood friend, Sura Sohna, was tried as an adult and convicted of burglary, he faced a 15-year sentence. Although Sohna was incarcerated, Harris did not forget him.
In fact, as a student at Davidson College in North Carolina, Harris integrated his desire to understand the conditions that led his friend to become incarcerated, into his college studies. He began an independent research class wherein Harris collected and analyzed information from Sohna’s family, burglary victims, arresting police, and others involved. Harris’ research findings were so compelling that when presented at a sentence reduction hearing, Sohna was released from prison 12-years early.
Because one Black man did not forget the other, two young men are now on a path to living more meaningful lives. Sohna has been given the opportunity to create a future unimaginable just months ago. Harris, who previously planned to become a medical doctor, is now focused on pursuing a law career.
Click here to learn more about Brandon Harris, a brilliant Black man with a beautiful heart, industrious mind, and valiant memory. Be informed and inspired by the enduring power of Brotherhood.

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