Ultra Kosmic 9 Bamboo Toilet Tissue Company, Providing Healthier Wipes

Proprietors of the Black-owned toilet tissue brand Ultra Kosmic 9 are on a mission to let the world know the many ways that bamboo plants make better tissue. They are encouraging people to switch from traditional toilet tissue derived from soft-wood trees to the more eco-friendly, sustainable, and healthier variety of bamboo-derived tissue.
In comparison to conventional tissue, fibers from bamboo are naturally smoother and thereby produce a softer tissue that does not need to be treated with harsh softening chemicals. Various dyes, scents, and other chemicals are also avoided when using Ultra Kosmic 9 bamboo toilet paper that contains absolutely no chemicals or bleach.
Click here to learn more Ultra Kosmic 9, the Black family tissue brand that promises “The Best Wipe Of Your Life”.

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