Dr. John Henry Clarke Explains Critical Value of Africana History to Everyday Black Life

Discerning the beauty, power, and genius of Black people is more easily realized when taking a long view of Africana history that includes the massive contributions of Black people to the world. Unveiling that history will be an ongoing feature of the Blacknificent Life! Newsletter. This first edition features the seminal essay, Why Africana History? by the great historian Dr. John Henrik Clarke. A must-read article for understanding the utility of studying history, it emphasizes the crucial value of the past to understanding the present and preparing for the future. 
Dr. Clarke makes the compelling case that knowing about historic Black achievements is foundational to Black agency. He identifies the work of other great historians whose scholarship charts pathways to the relentless accomplishments of Black people throughout the world. Considering how rarely we hear the names of these scholars and their publications, this article also functions as a resource for nurturing historically inspired self-regard. Click below to access foundational information quite useful to cultivating your best self.


Click here to read the full article!

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