Isaac Hayes III Builds Fanbase, A More Equitable Social Media Network

To help Black social media contributors better control and benefit from their involvement, Isaac Hayes, III is building Fanbase, a platform designed to represent and equitably compensate Black patrons, especially creatives.
Isaac Hayes, III is the son of award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer, Isaac Hayes, Jr. Despite decades of epic success, Hayes, Jr. experienced bankruptcy and eventually lost control over much of his music. Informed by his grandfather’s misfortune, Hayes III, explains why building Fanbase is essential. “Now that we’re in this digital space and all sort of content is being made, Fanbase gives the ability for people to own their opportunity, democratize their distribution and access their monetization without having to go through larger companies that either has predatory deals or take advantage of the user.”
Click here to learn more about Fanbase, the social media platform Isaac Hayes, III  is building to better compensate Black folks and other users. Be reminded of the tremendous social media value Black people can control.

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