Visionary Black Women Open Detroit Figure Skating Academy

Inspired by Langston Hughes poem “Dreams,” that affirms the importance of pursuing life aspirations, Angela Blocker-Lloyd, Candace Tamakloe, and Crystal Stewart realized their shared ambition when they recently opened Dream Detroit Skating Academy. It is the first Black-owned figure skating club in Michigan and provides beginner to elite performance training.
The Academy brings an opportunity for members of Black communities to learn a sport that may be less familiar.
Because pushing beyond familiar boundaries can be an essential aspect of personal growth, figure skating lessons may offer people of African descent an experience outside the lines of familiar, and thereby expand perceptions of what is possible in life. In that way, Dream Detroit Skating Academy may be as much a place for learning physical skills as it is a catalyst for imagining more and higher in life.
Click here to learn more about the Dream Detroit Skating Academy, the product of three extraordinary Black women reminding Detroit communities that there are no boundaries to what Black people can achieve.

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