Meet Lia Lee, Owner & Mastermind of UNLIT® Hangover Drink

UNLIT® is an all-natural, nutrient-dense line of beverages created by an astute Black business woman, Lia Lee. The drinks are formulated to help people bounce-back from the  debilitating effects of alcohol consumption. This unique line of beverages include electrolytes, detoxifiers and other ingredients to promote “rapid nutrient replenishment and rehydration.” 

UNLIT® was recently a finalist in an investor-sponsored pitch competition between businesses with billion dollar earning potential. It is not surprising that Coca-Cola representatives are eyeing UNLIT®, given the reported increase in social drinking among millennials, and how “getting lit” is now a popular phrase that describes alcohol consumption. 

Click here to learn more about the Black woman creating  quite a stir in the beverage industry, who is poised to build a billion dollar enterprise.

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