The Black Bread Company, Launched by 3 Black Men Committed to Social Justice

Inspired by the 2020 social justice movements, Mark Edmond became determined to support Black businesses. He knew there was a connection between social justice and Black economic empowerment, and wanted to be a catalyst for building better Black lives. When he searched for grocery products, he could not find any bread manufactured by a Black-owned company. That’s when he recruited two friends, Charles Alexander and Jamel Lewis, to partner with him and create the “Black Bread Company” reportedly the first Black-owned sliced bread company in the United States.
The Black Bread Company is open for business. High-quality honey wheat and premium white bread can be purchased at their online store. The operation is governed by the motto “come correct” a principle intended to guide every facet of the business.

Click here to learn more about 3 businessmen who have combined their talent, money, and commitment to empowering Black people, while generating profit. Be inspired by a simple idea grounded in profound Black self-regard.

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